What is "Storytelling Theater"?

Setting sail aboard the "Storytelling Theater."

A story you heard when you were a child.
A novel you read just the other day.

Let's travel together through the world of wonderful stories!

The Storytelling Theater is a place where those with stories to tell and audiences get together.
The words the actors speak give us wings,enabling us to fly into the world of imagination.

The key words are "emotion" and "excitement."

I was born and grew up in a small, snowy town in Niigata.
I seem to remember that the town had been there,unchanged,for many generations,and that it had always been full of precious culture.

My grandmother was a teller of folk tales. When l visited her,she always had lots of interesting old stories for me.

There were sad stories and stories that brought belly laughs. Falling to sleep while listening to my grandmother's stories has always been one of my favorite memories.

It has been a long-cherished desire of mine to bring these sweet memories back into the present day.

And now, with the support of those around me, this ship called "Storytelling Theater" is setting sail for adventure.

And I hope with all my heart that,though the ship is tiny,the voyage will last a long time.

Shingo Horii

About our services

The professional actors and announcers registered with the Storytelling Theater will visit schools,welfare institutions and private companies to stage performances selected from their repertoire.

Amateur efforts at storytelling can open people's eyes. But our professional approach,using advanced techniques,assures audiences of a special experience.

We think that what is need now is continued collaboration between amateurs and professionals.

Further inquiries:

In addition to stage performances,we also do reading lessons upon request.


"Love letter"

Written by Jiro Asada
Script/Production by Shinji Tsubaki
40 min.2 performers

Goro Tanaka is the manager of an adult video shop who,for dishonest reasons,had married a Chinese woman named Bai Lan.

Goro receives a letter from Bai Lan,written as she was about to die.After reading it,he realizes that she had a pure and innocent heart,and begins to regret some of the things he has done in his life.

He cries,"Nobody is honest or sincere! Everyone is crazy!"

On the way home from Bai Lan's funeral,holding her remains close to his chest,Goro decides to return home with Bai Lan's soul

Two performers create a heartwarming experience.

"Taro the Dragon's Son"

Written by Miyoko Matsutani
Script by Shinji Tsubaki
50 min.3 performers and a "Yokobue",a Japanese Flute

This story is one of the most famous Japanese fantasies.

A boy named Taro embarks on a journey seeking his mother,who has changed herself into a dragon.

Although this is a story for children,its grandeur is reminiscent of Sanguozhi of China.

Taro,a self-centered boy,learns some of life's lessons during his journey to find his mother.
He is finally reunited with his dragon mother,who has been injured,

He and his mother together decide to break down the mountains and gain the land for the people.

A story that will warm your heart.